YouthGovTrack advocates youth engagement in government accountability


A Civil Society Organisation, YouthGovTracka has advocated for increased youth engagement in government accountability.

The Global Director of BBYDI on the YouthGovTracka project, Mr Abideen Olasupo made this known during a South West, regional stepdown training and town hall meeting held in Ibadan, the Oyo State Capital.

He said “the forum is put in place to ensure that the government can be held accountable for there promises. And also ensure that the citizen support the government and put them in check.”

The keynote speaker, Solomon Adewale, expressed his belief that youths are often sidelined and underestimated in the decision-making process.

He urged young people to take a proactive role in governance and actively participate.

Adewale stressed the need for a symbiotic relationship between the government and the youth, with both parties being involved in the decision-making process.

He called for transparency in government actions and accountability to ensure that the government serves the interests of the people.

According to him, “There is a crucial need for both the government and the youth to have a symbiotic relationship and should be allowed to participate in the decision-making process of the country.

“There is need for transparency which ensure that the decisions of the government are open, accessible and understandable to all and also, accountability that holds the government responsible for their actions and make them serve the interest of their people rather than their own.

“The youth are often sidelines and underestimated in decision making process but they aren’t just leaders of tomorrow but also leaders of today and possess passion, energy and drive and should be supported, inspired and empowered to provide a better future for the country and it’s citizen.”

Another speaker, Joseph Adebayo, argued that the youth can serve as catalysts for connecting with the federal government and voicing out their grievances and concerns, ultimately ensuring transparency in government policies.

In his words, “Youth can be able to hold both the federal and state government accountable on there promises during election since most of the promises aren’t being fulfilled.

“The youth can be used as a catalyst to connect to the federal government and be able to voice out there grievances and issues affecting the country and also ensure transparency in the government policies.”

Also Speaking, Omozele Umoren stressed the need for a revolution. She said “It is high time for the youth to come up and there have to be a revolution because those ruling the country and have been in power for so long didn’t make any good changes in all sectors of the country but rather make it worst.

“The youth should make use of the media to call out erring governance to make changes in all factors affecting the country.

“Most intelligent youth are into crimes because of the economic hardship affecting the country causing the crime rate in the country to escalate, the youth should make up their mind so that the situation of the country will change for the better.”

The program concluded with a panel session led by Mr Habeeb Adewale, the Program Manager of Brain builders, a Youth Development Initiative.

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