FG may suspend NIN registration



Minister (state) of health, Olorunimbe Mamora has said that the Federal government may suspend the National Identification Number (NIN) registration.

According to him, the suspension will be due to the rising case of COVID-19 in the country.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control announced yesterday that the country has recorded more than 100,000 cases.

Speaking on ChannelsTV sunrise daily, Mamora said, “I don’t feel good looking at the picture where people are gathered in multitude; it’s like a super-spreader event which we don’t like. But I’m also aware that the relevant ministry which is the communications and digital economy is looking at this.

“My understanding is that the whole process may be suspended so as to reorder the whole process in terms of management of the crowd because it was never intended that it would become a rowdy process like that.

“We have a duty as government to ensure that people are protected; we also have a duty to ensure people comply within the limit of what is good for the society at large.”

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