Buhari Promises To Tackles Rising Cost Of Food, Approves Release Of 30,000 Tons Of Maize To Poultry Farmers


President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the release of 30,000 tons of maize to poultry farmers to ease the high cost of production.

Poultry farmers have been complaining about the unavailability of maize and how noxious it has been for their businesseses.

The president, in a statement said “To ease the current high cost of poultry production, I have approved the release of 30,000 tons of maize from the national reserves, to animal feed producers.”

He added that the government is aware of the rising costs of food and are doing everything to bring it down.

He assured that the ballooning cost of food is “a transient one.”

“We are very mindful of the challenge of high food prices, at a time when the economy is already in a slowdown caused by the global coronavirus situation, and are doing everything in our power to bring down the prices of food items across the country.

“Let me assure Nigerians that this situation of spiraling food prices will be a transient one.

“We are also engaging with food producers associations and groups to tackle the issue of exploitative behaviour by middlemen and other actors, which is one of the factors responsible for the high food prices being experienced,” he added.

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