We gathered almost 8 years ago.

We deliberated extensively, argued, disagreed and agreed in defense and support of the policies and programmes of President Buhari administration.

We exchanged pleasantries during birthdays and functions.

We quarrelled among ourselves and settled among ourselves.

We sobered and grieved together during times of suspense and anxiety .

We prayed together on many occasions and situations for our own good and that of the nation.

We sometimes enjoyed her sardine, bread and jellof rice.

Her lending hands were visible, willing mg and ready.

Her tender/ soft voice would silence the loud voices.

She would ask questions and insist on getting answers to her questions.

Her Sprite or Coke, her umbrella under the rain or sun, hand bag, well fixed hair style and neat glittering face were always visible.

We thought we could in the next few months complete this BMO job together, and happily move on with our lives.
Her radiant, sparkling, smiling face and her ever tender voice we shall see and hear NO MORE.

“We are pained by her demise, ‘We will not miss her” BECAUSE she will always be in our minds.

Sleep well in The Lord’s Paradise, our dear sister and colleague, Lady G.

May God wipe our tears and comfort us accordingly.

Chief Niyi Akinsiji- Chairman

Chief Cassidy Madueke – Secretary

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