Unknown to many, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a leader that understands the digital revolution our world is undergoing. He tends to establish a technocratic approach to solving problems related to finance and economy, transportation, and agriculture. Below are the points backing this claim and argument.

Right after emerging as the Governor of Lagos state—which was then a state battling all sorts of underdevelopment arising from poor electricity, lack of infrastructures, overpopulation, traffic congestions, corruption in the public sector, informal economy, and impoverished banking sector, etc, One can understandably panic and be startled by the situation of how things were considerably and steadily on the fall.

However, Asiwaju BAT did the complete opposite, instead of panicking, he chose to stay calm and serene. He went to IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft, all in search of a digital solution—a transparent accounting database solution for the public sector. After scrutinizing the proposed solution by the aforementioned technology and innovation giants, he came to terms with Oracle and kicked off the job of developing different software solutions for various public sectors.

Among the solutions developed was introducing the biometric verification scheme which was introduced with the precise goal of filtering out a myriad number of ghost workers from the government’s payroll. Furthermore, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the pioneer in cancelling the cash payments scheme and subsequently initiated digital payments in collaboration with commercial banks which as a result boosted the banking sector/industry in the state. This also resulted in transparency and accountability in the public sector in the state’s payroll system.

Furthermore, It is during his regime that local governments in Lagos state bolstered their revenue generation, courtesy of his payroll detection scheme. Local goverments that were initially generating 650million monthly started recording a rise up to about 1.2billion.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu created a liason between banks/financial institutions and Tech companies and tasked them with the job of developing a transparent solution for payroll refinement, salary disbursement, tax and revenue generation.

In addition, in an attempt to support civil servants in their respective savings policy and also motivate them, Asiwaju BAT increased their salary scale and included bonuses plus allowances to their earnings. Furthermore, he provided them with interest-free loans, renovated their offices, and created conducive environments for civil servants and public workers. He believes that a civil servant can reach his potential and work to an expectation only if he or she is well motivated.

These aforementioned accomplishments and astute track of records by Asiwaju BAT are the parts which the media keep coating and downplaying in order to mislead us into believing and subscribing to trivial religious and regional sentiments. This time around, I did well to feed in myself with authentic and reliable informations and independently decide on whom to cast my vote for. What about you, reader?


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