By Ayoade Davidson Ojeniyi
The road to the 2023 General Elections was bedevilled by so many primordial sentiments ranging from ethnic, political and religious sentiments.
Many have been castigated, many have been mocked, many demonized, many insulted, many long-standing relationships broken and many hearts bruised and broken.
However, we have crossed the most dangerous bridge and we are now at the threshold of a renewed hope of making history together. This is an opportunity we must not fluff away.
It is normal to have competitors when you gun for a covetous prize. However, competitors are not synonymous with enemies.
Therefore, what is expected after every competition are warm embraces as we see after every football match or race. This is not the time to begin to blame the Referee or the VAR.
It is a time for us to become Nigerians who wish our own country well. Do not be deceived into lawlessness.
Lawlessness does not project anyone as a normal person. Those who want to plunge the country into crisis should think twice because it will go back to them. History shall never be kind to anyone who acts as a catalyst for possible arson and destruction.
To the supporters of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, let us be magnanimous in victory. Let us observe this period as a period of healing and reconciliation.
Let there be a handshake across the political divides. Let us begin to think of how we can genuinely move our country forward. Those who are singing war songs are the real enemies of Nigeria who are parading themselves as freedom fighters.
To the supporters of opposition parties, you have won by participating in the most keenly contested election in the history of this country. We are all winners of some sort in various ways.
This is the time for us to mend fences if intend to move Nigeria forward without any heinous hidden agenda. The energy and figure with which you have garnered support for your various parties can be geared towards building the prosperous country of our dream.
To those who want Nigeria to be in crisis: you should desist from your inimical acts or you will invite the wrath of God upon yourselves. I pray that it shall continue to be well with anyone who wishes Nigeria and Nigerians well.
To those who wish Nigeria and Nigerians bad, may they never know happiness for the rest of their miserable lives.
May the Almighty God destroy their joy as they remain unrepentant in their mission to cause chaos and pandemonium in the country. So shall it be in the mighty name of God.

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